How to fix xk3y remote (mirco usb port)

So here you are, i’m guessing you ordered an xk3y with the lovely xk3y remote and you can’t get the remote to read from the xk3y…

Well that’s what mine did out of the box..the micro usb port is so cheap and broken that it will break 100% guaranteed…

I contacted the website that I bought it from (same day it arrived) and they told me to pay to ship it to their “repair” guy…but if they decide it was user error (everything can be) they won’t fix it and you have to pay to ship it back from them.

So instead I fixed it myself, below are the images of the project…

Micro USB Port –
Soldering Iron
Desolder Braid












One thought on “How to fix xk3y remote (mirco usb port)

  1. Great post,
    I have done this fix three times on my x-k3y remote and now a couple of contacts are wrecked.
    If possible I intend on wiring a socket to the board with a length of cable and then re-house the whole thing so that it doesn’t get broken again!

    Can anyone advise if all pins of the micro usb are used? Can anyone can tell me where the socket traces run to so I can maybe pick up the broken contacts elsewhere if necessary?

    Thanks In advance

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