How to make a pull chain Green Screen

If you want the Tutorial Scroll down, the story follows:

If you are like me you stream, but you don’t want streaming to take up a ton of room…so I thought why not have a green screen that rolls up to your ceiling and out of the way, all in a matter of seconds.

So after searching for anyone that may have done this before I came up empty, due to this I started some research and found the good fellows at sailrite they sell a lovely Roller Shade Clutch Kit.  The price tag on this is right around $80 USD but considering the mess it is saving me I would of paid more, especially with the build quality (which is superb other than the Plastic sides and pull chain*).


  1. Get a piece of Neon Green Fleece at JoAnn’s Fabric for about $17 for 3 yards.
  2. Get the sailrite kit from here

The sailrite kit comes with a ton of different instructions most of which aren’t meant for green screens and thereby we get to ignore! However, the metal hinges which aren’t tall enough when you are using a thick material like fleece (so add some wooden spacers between them and your ceiling or wall to get 1/4 extra space).

Basic Steps

  1. Put the fleece against the metal bar and remove the paper over the glue and adhere the fleece, you will also want to wrap around the fleece 1 time and then sew along so the weight of the fleece doesn’t solely rest on the adhesive strip.
  2. Sew a pocket at the bottom so that you can slide the wooden strip in the bottom.
  3. Now you just need to attach the pulley and the other roller side and hang the bad boy with some screws


*they are well made…just disappointed they were plastic

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