How to share a Mac/Apple Bluetooth Magic Mouse 1/2 or Touchpad 1/2 or Keyboard 1/2

So you have a Mac Keyboard, Trackpad, or Mouse…maybe you have a combination of one or more of them…

And you have multiple computers? A Macbook Pro Retina, a Windows desktop or a Linux Desktop or another laptop who knows who cares…

I ended up following this tutorial a lot.

You’ll need a KVM, I have a GCS1104…you’ll also need a bluetooth dongle, I tried about 5…none worked finally the Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter did.

From there I followed the above guide…

  1. Sync the devices with your windows computers and or linux computers.
  2. Now sync the devices to your Apple computer
  3. Run this command on your mac via terminal sudo defaults read /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/blued.plist
    • You should get something like this:
    • {
      LinkKeys = {
      "00-aa-bb-cc-dd-ee" = {
      "00-00-00-aa-aa-aa" = ;
    • So the first mac is the mac address of your bluetooth dongle
    • The next is the device, then the value is the link key…we need to match these up on the other computers
  4. Head back over to windows and run regedit
  5. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\BTHPORT\Parameters\Keys
  6. I had to change the ownership of the Parameters folder to myself to view these keys, then clicked the keys folder and hit F5
  7. Now you can find the same mac as above and then the device mac
  8. Click it and change the value to the link key, but hold up…it isn’t so easy
  9. You need to change the mac os x link key to a windows/linux key 81a83517 cc3c7afc fb8e99fc 5147fbf4 would become f4fb8e99fc f4fb4751fc998efbfc7a3ccc1735a881.
  10. If this is too complex for you I wrote a tool for you:
    1. Enjoy!

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