Flashing the wrong bios onto a machine

So yeah…you know when you’re an engineer you don’t read the manul? yeah…that’s totally true.  A few days back i was having raid issues with Windows Server 2008 on a new box so i updated the bios simple enough.  But then i was having all sorts of issues, the floppy drive wouldn’t work. I couldn’t enter the actual bios to change settings, windows seemed to work okay but then it was blue screening randomly.

Well finally i realized, I flashed the wrong bios version onto my motherboard.  And as i before mentioned the floppy wasn’t working…so the situation seemed hopeless at best.

Solution: Nero boot CD with the correct bios on it, and command line like a mother.  If you need more detail i can post but just comment and you’ll get all you want.

Needless to say don’t flash the wrong bios you won’t like the experience that follows.


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