iPhone 3GS – Hands on

This is what you should expect from apple (and any large multi-billion dollar company…honest), making a great product better.

However I got my hands on one of the new iPhone 3GS and one of the most advertised features, Voice Control is as useless as it ever was on any other phone.  Thus far it has thought “Riza Vergara” was “Lisa Computer”, and “Mom” was “Carl White”.  Luckily for us this might be something apple will be looking into.  Until then it will be nothing but a sad day.  On a side note to this, no voice control really “works” they all sorta work, they are a novelty item something all phones have and that the people who use them must be the same people i listen read me books.  So no blame apple, just fix it.

update: nvm about the voice control seems like it works sometimes maybe it had to get to know my voice…after testing for around 10 minutes i found it to work pretty damn well on harser sounding names.

This being said its other awesome new features, Speed aren’t a load of donkey doo. The iPhone 3GS (S for Speed) is sporting a faster processor and twice the ram as its predecessor and because of this it is noticeably zippier.

The compass is nice, and will be even nicer when it is implemented in other apps (like GPS, tomtom!! come on tomtom! seriously tomtom).

The video and pictures are purely amazing and are a welcome addition.

Overall i’d say this is well worth the $300 for a 32GB iPhone 3GS the speed alone makes it worth it for any of us true techies.  However if you don’t get the AT&Ts helpful hand price then perhaps you should hold off, unless of course you know how to ebay your old iphone 3G and get about $300 easily…then go get a new iPhone already…didn’t you hear they’re out!

Not going to waste the time uploading images…this phone is a twin to it’s younger brother the iPhone 3G and thereby if you don’t know what it looks like you’ve been under a rock for a long long long long while.

High five apple high five…

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